Apple and Samsung leading the market

Together, Apple and Samsung, now hog over fifty percent of the total global share market for smart phones. Even though the two big names are strong rivals in the market, they both appear to be the dominant forces for the time being. According to new findings that have been brought about by research firms it has been found that so far this year 145 million smart phones have arrived in markets worldwide. At the same time last year there were far less, to be exact, this year there has been an increase of 41 percent from the last year.

Apple and Samsung

Samsung brought out the Galaxy series smart phones this season and it was a profitable development for the firm, in just the first quarter of 2012 the Korean tech producer had sold over 40 million of these Galaxy series devices. This phenomenal rate brings Samsung sale to the number one spot in its own industry. A few thousand miles away on the other side of the globe Apple had a weapon of its own ready, the iPhone4S.The iPhone4S is a heavily modified and much more powerful version of the iPhone, the device which was the pioneer in the smartphone industry and got the wheels of the smart device wagon rolling.

However, Apple’s device did receive strict competition and as a result came second in the same category as Samsung with world wide sales touching the 35 million mark for the iPhone4S. These two firms combined have distributed nearly one hundred million smart devices globally in 3 months, which is a phenomenal number and can be seen in the fact that the two firms take nearly 90 percent of their operating profit directly from the sales of their smart phones. Both of these firms combined represent 55 percent of the global market share for smart phones.


These new firms, working on their new technologies have far surpassed older giants which once existed, for example Nokia, the still very well known name in the cellular industry and the long time leader on the 2G mobile market front. However, Nokia is not completely out of the picture and has done a commendable job at keeping up, Nokia finishes in third place in the world ranking with global sales accumulating to 12 million smart phones sold. The other well known name is Blackberry, which is in fact owned by the mother company Research in motion, Blackberry proved to be a trend setter for the business class and gained much popularity amongst the businessmen. However, today Blackberry seems to have decreased in popularity and is now in third place with global sales of approximately 11 million, so Blackberry and Nokia the once market leaders now are in the same boat.

Apple, Samsung, Nokia and blackberry

According to research firms it is forecasted that Research in Motion will surpass Nokia in the time to come. Nokia did not do very well in the first quarter and RIM is adding in a lot of interesting new things, for example the new Blackberry OS, which is likely to get the fame, back.

The still not particularly settled producer in the smart phone market is LG. However, the firm has made some incredible improvements. It was just last year that the firm was making a loss over 100 billion in its mobile communication department, this year LG’s financial statements boast a profit of 39 billion.

The current market leader Samsung has been forced to delay the pre-order and shipment of the overly demanded Galaxy S3 to Canada as it did not expect so much demand. So far the excess demand is said to be over 9 million devices.

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