Maximize Your Productivity With iOS5

The iOS5 is a wonder to behold. Apple has added tons of features to the already popular iOS platform. Improved multitasking and other things such as iCloud are one of the benefits users can have.

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What are one of the many additions that iOS5 brings to the table? Significantly increased productivity is one of them. No, not productivity apps like Ever note and the like. We’re talking about the built – in apps that come with iOS5.

The thing is people are wasting lot of money buying apps from App Store that they don’t really need. The default apps of iOS5 can already do that for you. You don’t have to sell iPhone 2g to look for other alternatives.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that can help increase your productivity.


Most people purchase productivity apps, but Reminders is good enough for everyone. Reminders allow you to organize whatever you’re doing. For example, you can set meetings and other appointments. There are different types of reminders you can do.

For example, you can set reminders by priority, or you can create reminders for work and home. You also get alerts if the due dates are getting closer. The cool thing about this app is that you can even create lists, such as the ones you need for shopping and groceries. You can even put a checkmark on them once you have what you need.



Many people really don’t take advantage of iCloud, or any other cloud storage providers for that matter. They’re missing out on the chance to improve their efficiency! iCloud is one of the best services to come out of Apple in recent years. By signing up with iCloud, you can upload your files into a remote server and pull them later when you need them.

For example, you can take pictures from your iPhone 4S and they’ll go directly to iCloud. From there, you can access the photos and edit them, all without having to plug in your iPhone! Of course, other things like music can be stored in iCloud. From there, you can play music without having to do any kind of tedious file transferring.


You may already know that Siri is the virtual assistant that allows you to speak in a conversational manner, and she also looks for stuff on the Internet on your behalf.

Siri in ios5

While that’s great, Siri can do more than that. For example, shecan send text messages for you, and set reminders. You can set appointments, and if you instruct Siri, she will personally remind you, instead of sendinga notification. You can even set location – based reminders for her. For example you can tell her to call your mom once you leave the office, and she can do just that! Of course, you’d have to turn on your location – based reminders.


Among the three discussed here, the most useful is definitely iCloud. The ability to sync with your computer and iPhone is astounding. If you happen to have other iOS devices, they too will have the reminders you set on your iPhone!

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